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A Halloween Delay…

Posted: October 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

There has not been much if any progress the last two weeks as we have been under a Halloween Delay here at our home. Every year I have an extensive display that I put up on my property… the overall theme being “Skeleton Graveyard”. Our home has become a bit of a local draw in fact this year we had 435 Trick-or-Treaters hit our doorstep. Four years ago I began the “Scare Hunger Away Food Drive” to benefit our local food bank and this year was another great success! Thank  you to all who contributed!


Click on the Gallery Tab to see more photos of Halloween Night and how I put My First Mistake to good use…

A Solid Foundation

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

After getting some good advice from someone I trust I set out to find a car that would serve as a better foundation for the restoration project. I looked through ads that covered the better part of the West Coast and was fortunate to find a prospect not far from where I live. I took a trip out to take a look at it with a better understanding of what to be looking for to ensure that I had a car worth working on.

What I saw I liked but was still rattled by my first mistake. My reliable resource had made it clear that he was willing to look at anything I stumbled upon and bring his years of experience to the task. I schedule a time for us to meet up and take a look at the car… after careful review I got the thumbs up, this is going to be the project car.